The Society for the Philosophical Study of Education (SPSE) is an international association that connects scholars who are interested in topics which approach the field of education from a philosophical perspective in the widest sense, such as:

  • educational history and philosophy
  • critical theories and pedagogies
  • philosophies of teaching, learning and knowing
  • non-western philosophies of education
  • educational reform in theory and practice
  • social (re)construction and education
  • technology and education
  • evidence and assessment
  • disciplines and disciplinarily

SPSE was founded on November 10th, 1975 in Chicago and continues to host an annual conference. This society brings together a community of people who are enthusiastic about philosophically orientated topics related to education and encourages a thoughtful exchange of ideas in a welcoming environment.

SPSE also hosts a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of the Philosophical Study of Education (JPSE).

SPSE Leadership:

  • President: Sabrina Bacher, University of Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Vice President: Elias Schwieler, Stockholm University (Sweden)
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Marjory Oliker

JPSE (Journal for the Philosophical Study of Education) Editors:

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